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What is Tribe?

Tribe is the premier E-fitness platform that empowers boutique studios and local gyms to deliver the best digital workout experience for their members - better than Apple Fitness+, just for you. We provide an end-to-end solution for creating interactive workouts and producing high-quality digital fitness content, to keep users active and engaged - whether in the studio or online.

Why Tribe? How is it different from other digital fitness platforms?

Most systems available for your online workouts right now focus purely on video streaming. But we know that your members want more. With Tribe, we built a full solution that brings the real boutique experience to digital by providing ways to connect and interact with your members as you would in your physical location. Rather than another broad purpose video tool, we designed Tribe with studio owners specifically focused on digital workouts, just as Peloton is specifically designed for online spin classes.

Our goal is not just to give you an online platform for your videos, but to empower you to deliver an authentic experience beyond basic streaming, comparable to that of Peloton and Apple Fitness+. Our commitment is to help you cut-down on costs, save time, and deliver high quality - consistently to your members.

What are the key features I should be excited about?

• Stream your workout live in cinematic quality and record it for on-demand access later.
• Use a single iPhone camera or level up your production with up to 4 cameras hooked up to a switch box for a multi-camera view.
• Your members can watch/attend the workouts on their smartphone, or cast/mirror it to a TV for a more immersive experience.
• Give authentic exercise feedback with a leaderboard showing calories and heart rate zones (we made connecting to a heart rate sensor, an Apple watch, or Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin or Fossil watch quick and easy!).
• Watch their form and comment in real-time with the participants video feature.
• Set and manage your music playlist and coach audio in simple steps.
• Connect your MindBody or gym management software for members and classes integration.
• All this in a single, unified platform that’s low cost and easy to get started.

What do you mean by multi-camera view in your product features?

The market is saturated with free and paid workout videos. Most are shot using a single camera setup so often feel amateurish, dull and boring. Tribe supports up to four cameras via an HDMI switch, so your workouts can feel more professional.

Why not my own app vs Tribe?

It’s true that it’s easy to build a basic video streaming app - the problem is that this isn’t what Peloton, Mirror and Apple Fitness+ are doing, and these companies are now setting users' expectations on what a (paid) online workout should feel like.  Bringing interactivity into apps through fitness wearables, allowing two way video, TV casting and more features like this is a significant development (and ongoing support) effort - we know, because we’re doing it.  Tribe has a product and engineering team solely focused on building the best online workout experience, and a customer support team to take care of you and your members each step of the way.

Okay, I’m interested. But can I get my own branded app?

Tribe has a great app that you can use and brand within the app, having your own section for your coaches and workouts.  If you want a white labeled app, Tribe can support this for an additional fee.

What type of studios or fitness gym can use Tribe?

We can’t think of any fitness gym or studio type who won’t benefit from using Tribe. If you’re operating a functional training or HIIT gym, the performance metrics board using your members' existing smart watches is a great feature. If calories and heart rate are not your style (i.e. lifestyle, yoga, barre, or dance studios), the participants video can help provide real-time feedback and engagement with your members. And overall, if you’re just looking for ways to better-compete with other digital fitness platforms - our multi-camera support, cinematic quality video (live and on demand) with an immersive casting experience for your members are more than good enough reasons to bring use Tribe with your members.

How much will it cost me to run Tribe in my studio?

You can start using Tribe quickly and easily, without having to worry about lock-in contracts or monthly subscription fees. Use what you need, when you need it at rates as low as 8 cents per attendee per class.  Interested in using our platform for free with ads?  Get in touch!

How much do my members have to pay?


Are you trying to take my own members like other fitness platforms?

No.  We get you, and have heard concerns about platforms like ClassPass cannibalizing the potential pool for studio memberships.  At Tribe, our goal is to strengthen your relationship with your current members by giving them a dramatically better online workout experience.  We think digital is a new channel for local fitness, just as E-commerce has now just become another channel for every retail business.

I have member and class management software, why do I need Tribe?

Your MindBody, Zen Planner, EZFacility, or other class management software makes it easy for you to handle your enrollments and other member database processes. It’s not designed to help you deliver a compelling online workout experience to better compete with Peloton, Neou, FitOn, Mirror, etc.  This is where Tribe comes in. We complement your member management software by enabling easy integration and we help increase your retention by giving you the power to match the workout quality of bigger, pure digital fitness platforms.

I don’t have a physical location, can I still use Tribe?

Definitely! What’s even bigger news is that we believe we can help you grow your online members base to include even those outside of your geographical location. Or if you are starting out with your fitness brand, or looking to expand into a new geography, you can start off with a pure digital offering, supplement it with popup events, and then potentially add in a physical studio once you have got some momentum.

How are you able to improve our audio quality during workouts?

Zoom and other video-conferencing software were not built for fitness. We know your struggle in getting a good balance between the volume of your music and mic audio, as well as keeping the video and audio in sync. Then, quality is so poor that it’s hard to keep your members engaged throughout the workout.  Tribe can receive separate coach and music audio channels, then let each of your members participating in the workout set the relative volume levels to their individual preferences.  Also, Tribe does a better job of keeping audio and video in sync using buffering (similar to what you see on YouTube and Netflix).

Can I still use my Spotify playlist when I start holding my classes in Tribe?

Using your Spotify playlist for your commercial workouts places your studio at high risk for future legal problems - you likely don’t have the rights to stream that music. More so when you start offering these workouts in the digital space. Right now, royalty free music is the best way to go.  We are working some future options to make it easier for you to get the music you want in your workouts.

What about the video content I have recorded already?

By joining our early studio partners programs, you will have the advantage of migrating your existing recorded workout videos in the platform for free. In the future, we may introduce a feature that will enable you to upload a video to be part of your on-demand workout library.

How many members can I have in a virtual class?

We have currently tested up to 500 participants in a single workout or activity. As an administrator however, you have the freedom to limit each class up to your desired number to deliver the kind of experience you want for your members, ie: elite group, mass participation, etc.  Note also that you control who are members of your gym or studio in the app, and only your members can participate in your activities.

Why should I encourage my members to sign in with Facebook?

Signing up with their Facebook accounts will minimize the hassle of inputting basic data (name, photo, etc) and will help them easily find friends or members to do workouts with, message and compete against. In addition, we plan to add Facebook marketing options for you in the future, but you’ll need your members to have signed up with Facebook to do it. This will be optional, but many businesses find value in targeted advertising.

How do I sign my coaches up?

Same as you would for a member - all you need is your studio or gym code. Hand it out to your coaches which they will need to sign up with as a coach in the platform. You will then need to approve it from your “virtual studio” owner dashboard.

Can I run multiple classes at once?

In the current version of the platform, you can run up to 3 classes happening at the same time. Let us know if you are planning to run more simultaneous live classes than that, and we can look at increasing the cap.

Where can I download Tribe? What device can I use it with?

Studio access is available in any device that has access to the internet, through Google Chrome or similar web browser. We also have a free-to-use Studio TV App perfect for your live workouts inside the gym. For your members, the Tribe app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for free.

Can I use Tribe outside the U.S.?

Yes. Tribe is a global company and currently have partner studios from Australia, The Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore, and the Philippines.

How do I contact Tribe?

Our customer care team would love to hear from you! Call us at (+1) 512 559 7568 or visit our Contact page.

What does it cost to get set up?

Nothing. We can get you started within 24 hours. You will only be charged when you start streaming your classes with rates as low as 8 cents per attendee per class.  Ready to start? Work with one of our specialists now.

How much will I have to spend on other equipment?

With Tribe, you can easily start conducting online classes with a decent phone camera or a DLSR. But if you wish to upgrade your videos, we can recommend equipment setup for less than $2,000 to level up your current single-camera production. Alternatively, talk to our Studio Production team for professional advice on your specific video, lighting, and equipment needs.

Who owns my content?

You retain full ownership of your content. For specific classes conducted as part of special events or programs with Tribe, we request studios in advance for non-exclusive, royalty free, perpetual right to use, these classes for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Who controls who can access my content?

You have entire control on who gets to access your content. Tribe may, in the future, recommend non-member users to your studio, but you get to decide who, what, when and how much will the access be for.

What if I want to delete my account?

To permanently delete your account, send us a request through email and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.
Once your account is deleted, your content will be removed from the platform together with your members' access to your studio. For classes conducted as part of special events with Tribe, the content will be retained in the system.

Someone has posted one of my workouts pretending they own it, who should I contact?

We take copyright seriously. If you believe that someone else has copied and posted your workouts as their own - please get in touch with us here so we can act on the matter immediately.

What heart rate sensors and watches do you support?

One of the best features of Tribe is that it’s compatible with most smartwatches and heart rate sensors that your members are already using. No need to buy any proprietary hardware. We support Apple Watch, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin, together with Fossil / LG and others running Google’s watch OS.  We also support many bluetooth and GATT-compliant heart rate straps and bands like Polar, Wahoo, Schoshe, CooSpo, etc. will be creating a supported devices list over the coming months.

Does it integrate with Mindbody?

We are currently working on integrating your Mindbody membership and class schedule with Tribe. Stay updated by signing up in our newsletter.

Does it work with Apple Watch?

Yes - your members will be able to use their Apple watches to join your workouts.

Can members export data to other apps like Apple Health?

You may enable the Apple Health integration by allowing necessary permissions from your iPhone settings. Once enabled, this will sync any workouts done in Tribe so you can track your activity and close your rings. Check-out our support page for more help on this.

Why am I unable to click the “Start” video button?

Try making a video using your mobile phone and check the front and back cameras. If the camera doesn’t work, please contact your phone manufacturer. If it works, please contact Support for further checking.

My members don’t hear me clearly or hear static noise.

Ensure both coach and members have a stable internet connection ( Check if the audio works well with other apps, (e.g. Spotify and Youtube.) Check the equipment for both audio and video. Make sure that cables are in good condition and not worn out. Make sure that the devices are plugged in or connected properly. If you still hear noise after completing all steps, please contact Support for further assistance.

My Livestream suddenly stops on the Coach app.

Make sure your phone is in DND (do not disturb) mode because when you get a notification, or someone calls you while you are streaming, your live stream will automatically stop.Make sure your mobile device is not on a low battery setting.  

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