Mariana Tek Integration

Deliver premium omnichannel and virtual fitness offerings with Tribe

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Boutique Virtual Fitness Made Easy

With Seamless Integration

Bring a true boutique experience to your members, in-studio or online. We made it easy with our Mariana Tek integration.

Omnichannel That Works

Built Around Your Community

Tribe was designed to help you strengthen that social glue you’ve built with your members. Here are some of the features we built to bring that sense of community into the digital space:

Premium Live or On-Demand

Host production-quality live classes and publish them on-demand with a click of a button.


Connected Experience

Turn your virtual classes into an interactive experience with heart rate wearables, connected bikes, yoga wear, etc.


Virtual Waiting Room and Hang-out

Bring your in-studio welcome/reception experience to your virtual classes with our waiting room and hang-out features.


Programs & Challenges

Make it stickier with custom programs and challenges built around what matters to you and your members.

Pricing starts at $99 per studio location per month.

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With Tribe, you have a shot at making omnichannel successful for your brand. Understand how the integration works and get answers to your most common questions.

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Simplified Workflow with Low OPEX Cost

Having the right technology allows your virtual offering to an as premium as your in-studio brand without the added expense and complexity. At Tribe, we have the right tools to make your omnichannel fitness a success.

Deliver live and on-demand classes in a single platform

Stream high-quality content with a mobile phone or a laptop

Increase engagement via fitness
focused interactive features

Strengthen connection with live
class tools for your coaches