Hosting Online Workouts Part 5: White Labeled Fitness Apps

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White labeled fitness apps are a lot like regular fitness apps, but they have some custom branding and a separate icon in the app store for the studio.  Mindbody has done a ton of these white labeled apps forever, and many gym management software companies support white labeled apps for their clients.

  • Tribe:  Got to add us in here too.  Tribe is a digital workout platform for local studios and gyms, and fitness is the only environment we’re focused on.  The goal for Tribe is empower studios to introduce more interactivity and raise production quality - so it feels like something users should be paying for.  We do that with cinematic coach video, participant video, immersive casting, and leaderboards with fitness wearable integration - with the largest list of supported devices (watches: Apple, Samsung, Wear OS, Fitbit, Garmin - and Bluetooth heart rate bands).  We service both live and on-demand workouts in a single platform.  We also provide coach streaming apps, and are working on tech to enable multi-camera, automated studio environments.  Our pricing is 8 cents per attendee per 30 minute workout, and we do also offer white labeled apps and integration with gym management systems.  We are thinking to add in a $49 / $99 / $199 per month pricing tier system as studios have been as studios have been asking for something like that, but it’ll still equate to about 8 cents per month per workout attendance.
The goal for Tribe is empower studios to introduce more interactivity and raise production quality - so it feels like something users should be paying for.
  • Mindbody:  The 800lb gorilla in the gym management space has launched their own virtual classes software.  Functionally it is currently a clone of Zoom - it does two way video with the coach, you can see other participants, it has text chat.  Most big companies are not known for their innovation, so time will tell whether Mindbody rushes to add new features or stays with the current baseline.  Of course, this integrates with their gym management software (not any other gym management vendors' systems) and becomes part of their existing white labeled app options.  Their launch pricing was 25 cents per attendee for the first 1000 attendees, then dropping to 15 cents at 5000+.  Pricing is now more complex - live is from $49 to $199 per month with 15 cents down to 8 cents per attendee for more than baseline numbers.  On demand is now $99 flat fee for the first 4000 views, then 20 cents or 15 cents per view over that.
  • Forte:  Forte is a virtual classes platform focused on gyms and studios, and one of only a handful taking this approach.  They do have white labeled apps, they have integrated with Mindbody and Mariana Tek for class scheduling.  To their credit, Forte has realized that they need to do some training and consulting with studios as part of going digital, to help coaches adapt to leading digital workouts.  Forte was also the first to roll out a multi-camera solution for live classes with automated switching between camera angles.  Forte also supports white labeling for studios that want that.  The coach video quality is not as high as say Vimeo workouts, you can see that from their LinkedIn posts with video clips (likely down to the technical implementation).  They have a leaderboard, but it’s not clear what the metrics are based on, as they haven’t done fitness wearable integration yet, though are likely working on it based on their developer LinkedIn profiles.  One other absence here is mobile apps right now - similar to LIFT Session, Forte focused on a web interface for laptops first.  I don’t have pricing, but have heard that is starts at around $10K to get going with the multi-camera solution.  
  • Intelivideo:  They’ve been around for a while, but they are fitness focused with a history in the VOD space, they have recently also added live streaming.  There are few end user features specific to fitness that would differentiate Intelivideo over more generic platforms like Vimeo - for example, they haven’t done fitness wearable integration or form analysis.  Their base pricing is $25 per month and a 12% revenue share, or $100 per month and a 10% revenue share (both plus some transaction fees).  White labeling is additional (pricing unpublished), but single sign on is $2,000 and custom apps start at $7,500.
  • Motosumo:  Hailing from Denmark, Motosumo has its Momentum app, that combines heart rate tracking, bike sensors and live video into a platform with some gamification.  They also have a director consumer offering similar to Peloton for a monthly fee.  They have done a couple of custom apps, but these are deep partnerships versus just white labeled apps that are produced quickly and at lower cost.  They used to have pricing on their website in the $100 to $250 per month range just for heart rate monitoring, but have dropped that now as they have trended more direct to consumer and similar to BKool and Swift.  
  • Trainerize:  Another platform that started more focused on personal training, they now have clients like Gold’s Gym and LifeTime.  Similar to Mindbody, they are a trainer and gym management company that has added digital services in live and on demand videos.  They do have white labeled apps for custom branding (included in their pricing for studios).  As with Mindbody, the video experience is quite limited in features compared to pure play digital offerings, but it is one piece of a wider platform.  Pricing starts at $5 per month for an individual trainer to $350 per month per location for franchise chains.
  • Fitter:  Another fitness app platform designed for digital program delivery that offers white labeled apps, has on-demand videos within the app, and integrates with third party platforms like Zoom and YouTube for video classes.  They do not support integration with gym management systems today.  Pricing starts from $15 to $79 per month, with transaction pricing from 15% down to 3% depending on the per month subscription tier.
  • Fitbudd:  A fitness app solution aimed at individual trainers, it does allow white labeling though not gym management integration (though again it’s aimed at an audience that likely doesn’t have gym management software already).  It support on demand class content.  Pricing is per client, starting at $4 per client per month for small numbers, then scaling down to $1.50 per client per month at 100+.

If you think you want a white labeled app for digital fitness, one of these vendors is likely your sweet spot.  They have functionality aimed at fitness and your branding without the enormous price tag and risk of building from scratch.

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